GameCube VS. XBox



(826 votes, 93.5%)



(57 votes, 6.5%)

883 total

By RAZ3R (XBox)

GC sux - especially the controller!

By Deewon (XBox)

I only play Hitman 2 and SSX Tricky but I think they kick arse!

By Chimi (XBox)

X-Box is more powerful, and has more game's that i like.

By [mFKr] (XBox)

Halo 2 will pwn all!

By Anonymous (GameCube)

Gamecube has better games and will acually use its potential rather xbox has higher graphic ability but they dont even make any games that surpass the quality of gamecubes, and besides gamecus is not the size of a train and it has faster loading time.

By Anonymous (GameCube)

Fuck X-Box

By Anonymous (GameCube)

xbox sucks

By Anonymous (XBox)

GC sucks

By Anonymous (GameCube)

gamecube only because its got some kick ass games that feature more single player gameplay...x box is mostly an online experience with games with open ended stories or no story at all

By Brad (GameCube)

if you had a "they both suck" option, i would pick that...but...meh....gamecube has some games that actually don't have pc versions that completely kick the console version's

By Anonymous (GameCube)

xbox=gay gamecube=orgasm

By sacrose (XBox)

x box pwns game cube

By Rob (GameCube)

Xbox sux plain and can buy all the games for pc so why bother getting it...the only ppl that like it are the ones who made the mistake of buying it!

By DZ's (GameCube)

I dont own either but I like the Gamecube cause it costs less and it has some great game.

By A2000 (XBox)

Best.. system.. ever

By Anonymous (GameCube)

It's not made in japan, and the games also sucks so my choice is obvious.

By Anonymous (GameCube)

Were is the love?

By C_E_X (GameCube)

the graphics on gamecube sucks!

By Delancey (GameCube)

Game Cube, it has all the best games from nintendo.

By Anonymous (GameCube)

i mean come on, Game Cube rocks, it has a better controller, the system doesnt take up your whole backyard and it has the best games, with those three things in mind i say again the Game Cube rocks, and is the best

By Aaron (XBox)

Xbox rules

By MMZero (XBox)

Xbox has more games that I like But GC has my fav games

By Anonymous (GameCube)

facem it Xbox rules you all

By Anonymous (GameCube)

Gamecube makes Xbox look like crap.With Metroid prime 1 and 2, Zelda 2005 (Which will make Xbox look even worse) paper mario, resident evil and much more gamecube rules. The only good game for XBOX is Halo.

By Tyrant (GameCube)

Metroid prime,resident evil remake, resident evil 0 and the soon to be released resident evil 4......need i say more?

By XBox lover 5000 (GameCube)

XBox is faggish. Whoever likes it is a fag, that is all I have to say

By Final (GameCube)

where do i start: games with life? games that dont leave your ass numb? games you can play and feel you've got some sort of entertainment from purchasing it? consoles that dont raise crime levels involving xboxs through windows? 'nuff said..

By Anonymous (GameCube)

I like colorful fun games (the kind that everyone else thinks are just for kids) like Mario Sunshine (which is a pretty challenging game, if you people could just admit it) and for this reason I must choose GCN over xbox. I wish there were more rpg's for

By Sephiroth (GameCube)

Gamecube is way better than xbox and it has great games like sick of microsofts creation

By Anonymous (GameCube)

if xbox didnt have halo and halo 2 gamecube wuld b by far the better system but gamecube only has a couple rpg's so thats y im sayin xbox

By antonio smith (GameCube)

gamecube way better than the crappy xbox

By XBOX=$$$ (GameCube)

XBOX is too exspensive compare to the GC. XBOX Does have better games (Tomb Raider, Purple Haze, GTA). The XBOX is so big its hard to take anywhere. Also the GC is faster, I say this because the XBOX needs MODS in order to make it perform better and a

By Juggalo/Hulkamanaic (GameCube)

It's obvious I'm with the big N and anyone who's behind the Shitbox can kiss my ass! all they do is bribe companies to make games for them, who ever owns one don't even like video games! I swear, Bill Gates is eatting you bitches out. Nintendo on the othe

By Unknown (XBox)

GC just sucks....only some games are ONLINE....the controller sucks big ones...nothing more need to be said.....XBOX ROCKS

By Chris .K, (Vincent Valentine) (GameCube)

Ya know Ninex, I am one sexy son of a gun!

By ninex's hax0r for irc.inudbz.c (XBox)

I really don't know I vote X-box because of Halo 1 and 2 and The cube because of the new resident evil and FF.

By Anonymous (GameCube)

gamecube sux ass so badley i hate it

By Crese20 (GameCube)

I really don't think online is all that great, Xbox has no Rpg's.. if it wasn't for online play I don't think Xbox would be around much longer. That's what makes Xbox Better is it's online, but..most of the games for it suck. Gamecube has better games.

By Paul (GameCube)

Gamecube because it is cheaper. Nothing more. Yeah I like the Zelda, Metroid and Mario games but I am an RPG fan and guess what...neither system has what I want and I can't buy a PS2 since there seems to be a shortage. XBOX, has RPG's but they are

By Anonymous (XBox)

Gamecube sucks.The only good games are Resident Evil games,which Gamecube stole from the Playstation.Gamecube is only good for games up to rated T.I give it a 0 and an Xbox (or Ps2 if it was here)a 10/10!!!!!Gamestealers!

By Anonymous (GameCube)

fuck bill gates

By Stan (GameCube)

the only goods games for x-box is halo & halo2.the gooch controler is big as damn rock & the s-pad controler is funky,not metion ps2 has the best versions of GrandTheftAuto,& all games for all 3 sytems are usally best for gc or ps2.while my ps2,

By Neil (GameCube)

XBox? What a joke.

By xbox lover (XBox)

you gaycube pepole have no taste in vidso games and if you disegre go screw mario xbox rules

By ZeTron (GameCube)

All i have to say is gamecube is better xbox is a washed down pc that sucks the controller on xbox wanna be dreamcast xbox is nothing but a copy cat to other system SuckfagBox

By Anonymous (GameCube)

gamecube all the way. but they need to get more games like gta or tougher games because not only kids play video games . at least more games like metroid . should not fired rare

By Gamecube fan (GameCube)

X-box sucks at every thing!

By metroid kills halo (GameCube)

Xbox sucks, It's a vcr in disguise, there is no gaybox game that can match the graphics of resident evil 4, nintendo didn't steal the resident evil franchise from the playstation, capcom decided to make resident evil exclusively on gc, unlike microsoft w

By antonio smith (GameCube)

gamecube is alsome

By GAMECUBE!!!!!! (GameCube)


By Dp3 (GameCube)

Well, Xbox does have more raw power, but for some reason the games on both systems seem remarkably similar. I choose gcube for price, and nintendo exclusives.

By Dude Dp3 is right! (GameCube)

XBOX has more power but they just cant use it right! Gamecube has Legend of Zelda,Harvest Moon,Super Smash Bros.Melee,Soul Calibur 2,The list goes on and on an on!and they can whip out those awesome games in about 3 months!It takes about 3 YEARS! with XBO

By Anonymous (XBox)

all you gaycube fans are dumbshits, gamecube controller sucks ass and how many fucken mario and zelda games can u play. and talking about loading times, u can play xbox games off the hdd u dumbshits. gaycube is for little shits who still wear diapers and

By jacks_rage (GameCube)

You know, im getting really fucking sick of all this XBOX and PS2 fanboy bullshit about how nintendo sucks. i think it comes from some form of faggot self-hate. where would the XBOX or the PS2 be if it wasnt for Nintendo? Nintendo invented gaming as all y

By Anonymous (GameCube)

GCN kicks teh buttzors

By Gamecube KILLA (XBox)

GC only has no good games and zelda, mario, and metriod prime can blow me while I play on Xbox live.

By Guno the gerk (GameCube)


By Anonymous (GameCube)

go gc

By Anonymous (GameCube)

x box suks f. xbox i call it gay box

By Anonymous (XBox)

gc sucks ass. if you like the gc you must be a 9 year old little girl. now bend over while the xbox shows you how to be the # 1 game company

By Starscream (XBox)

Well, gamecube, has a small small ass selection of games. Sure they have a good title or two. But you compare that to something like the hundreds of outstanding titles for ps2 or x-box, it's not worth the filth. It has no secondary features, can't even pl

By Metroid Killer (GameCube)

XBox is better in termes of hard ware but if you want games that are actually good I would recomend gamecube

By Anonymous (XBox)

Gamecube sucks like hell Mario is retarded Xbox rules Xbox rules Xbox rules

By hmmm... (GameCube)

^^^^^ The guy above me is a retard. He can't spell, has no grammar, and probably sucks Bill Gate's dick every night. He KNOWS why Bill Gates called his company "Microsoft"

By pyro0ownz (XBox)

xbox is better due to the massive hard disk space and musick which can be stored on it :)

By pyro0ownz (XBox)

imma vote again cuz you all are a bunch of fuckin queers fuck xbox and fuck game cube final fantasy owns you all so fuck halo cuz its gay like you fuck mario cuz hes your daddy square soft if the shit ps is the shit pieriod :) pyro0ownz you

By Anonymoose (GameCube)

I just took a wild dump in my trousers. Unacceptable

By anomon (GameCube)

becuse it has better games


Omfg gamecube games suck, xbox games have waaaay better graphics and processing power, it comes with a hard drive, it has kickass onlinte play, halo 1 and 2, and tons of games. The gamecube has shitty games and watered-down xbox and ps2 games, gamecube ha

By jose (XBox)

honestly i bougth my game cube when i was like 10 years old i loved it i liked all the games but sice a year alomost i bougth an xbox and it rocks it has more adult games like halo and the gamecube only has mario and other games for children that is crap

By Vr22s/DefinedOnly (XBox)

Games, the games

By Anonymous (GameCube)

If Nintendo would just make some more games for older kids it would beat Xbox by a mile.

By josh (GameCube)

fuck xbox gamecube is like the best system out there its a dam classic.

By KOTOR (GameCube)

fuck all u xbox pube plucking whores take it up the ass SHIGGY FUCKED UR MOM GO GAMECUBE

By Anonymous (XBox)

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By Eric (XBox)

Why gamecube is the worst console ever and why? Well I had gamecube sence last year and now I don't play with it no more becuase it's sucks now. Even now likes them no more or even wants to buy them and they even don't play with them anymore. They like to

By brandon (GameCube)

just make more xbox 1 games

By Khaos (GameCube)

Because I happen to like it more?

By cheepshot (GameCube)

okay, gamecube is God, and the only thing the xbox has is halo2 & phantasy star. even if i had a wii i still would play the gamecube on a regular basis. and i dont care what people say, the gamecube controller is the best i've ever used and it DOES have o

By Septimus (GameCube) http://overnightfedexphentermine.blogsp

By Eric (XBox)

I totally agree that GameCube DS and Wii are the worst video game systems ever! I mean they suck alot! Like all they have is stupid little kids games. Even the graphics are really terrible. Even they don't have dvd drive in them. I think PS3 Xbox 360 PSP

By hmeunymddxy (GameCube)

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By FleegaraJah (GameCube)

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By Eric (GameCube)

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